Optical Fibre

Comstar Systems provides optical fibre network solutions in the telecommunication environment . Specialising in the installation of singlemode and multimode optical fibre cables.

 We provide the following optical fibre services.

  •  Fibre Optic Carrier Grade Fusion Splicing
  •  Fibre Optic Carrier Grade Ribbon Fusion Splicing
  •  Optical Fibre Hauling and Splicing,
  •  Dark and live optic fibre splicing
  •  Optic fibre commissioning and testing
  •  OTDR and Insertion Loss measurement and workbook preparation
  •  Cable assemblies and enclosures
  •  Fault finding
  •  DWDM/CWDM – Fibre Characterisation Services 
  •  MDU Fibre design and construction

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